Friday 20 July 2012

Honeymoon Sketches Pt.4

After a reasonably long walk to St Christophe and le Chateau on the other side of the Verbier valley Suzanne and I visited a small bar in the town which had a delightful terrace out the front. There Suzanne started to read as I quickly did her portrait.

Suzanne wasn't overly impressed, apparently I could have made her look nicer!

So after that poor review I decided to turn my attentions to the building opposite me because buildings can't talk back. Again in HB pencil I concentrated on a simply line drawing and what was a new Swiss style chalet/shop. The clouds gradually got darker as I scratched away and soon it started to rain which brought a halt to my efforts before I could creating tone.

2 comments: said...

I think that Suzanne looks lovely in the sketch. Also, with your talent that sketch is going to be worth a lot of money some day .
Celia Carlile

Chris Dunn said...

Thanks Celia, I'll let her know.