Saturday, 23 February 2008

What next?

Well I've pretty much finished my publishing project and dissertation without the help of anyone else haha - better not live to regret that! So what am I going to do now with all my free student time? I've got a retro 1960's rugby film poster to finish which I will put up as well as my next project to get cracking on with. I'll put up some of my working sketches for that too. Basically I'm looking to illustrate at least 6 articles from magazines/newspapers that are all different in subject. So yesterday for example, before my sketchbook got locked away (long story), I was working on an article about American sports coming over to Wembley and the impact the commercial success in the US has had on British sports, particularly football. The idea was a stereotypical NFL fan in the midst of an English football crowd, you'll see what I mean when I get my sketches back! Oo and I've just bought some vital equipment to set up a little home drypoint printers - its going to get messy, but in a tasteful way. 

Nagilmund watercolour

Nagilmund watercolour
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This is the proposed colour cover for 'The Dragonbone Chair.' I referenced a castle nearby where I live - slightly changing it of course but the figures and rocks are out of books and magazines. The weather conditions are supposed to be at night but I had to lighten it to actually show what's happening and make sure I left enough space for title and blurb. It was great fun just throwing the paint around wet on wet in the open spaces in the top left!