Saturday 23 February 2008

Nagilmund watercolour

Nagilmund watercolour
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This is the proposed colour cover for 'The Dragonbone Chair.' I referenced a castle nearby where I live - slightly changing it of course but the figures and rocks are out of books and magazines. The weather conditions are supposed to be at night but I had to lighten it to actually show what's happening and make sure I left enough space for title and blurb. It was great fun just throwing the paint around wet on wet in the open spaces in the top left!

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Lily said...

Hi Chris,
Thank you so much for the link, your work is fantastic. I would be really interested to know whether or not you would be interested in providing the illustrations for the book and more importantly - how much you would charge. I haven't done this before so I have no idea, but if you were interested I'm sure we could find out from may already know how it works. It is very difficult to get a publisher and I have been looking into self publishing, but want to provide them with a finished product rather than have them provide illustrations . it is a story about a scarecrow and I have trailed the usual schools , nurseries and local book shops to ask their opinion, all were very complimentary...mind you they probably didn't have the heart to say otherwise, however it was the children's reaction that I was more interested in, they did all seem to love it , one little lad was in tears until he heard the ending so I'm a little hopeful....but then so are the thousands of other authors who are out there looking to be published I suppose !! actually am I supposed to be only commenting on the watercolour...I will e mail you.
please give it some consideration and let me know what you think... I would like the illustrations to be done in watercolours. speak to you soon.
Cheers Judith