Thursday 31 May 2018

Mr Toad In Court

'Mr Toad In Court'
watercolour and gouache
51 x 39cm
Last week I completed this complicated scene from 'The Wind In The Willows'. Mr Toad has been brought in front of a judge to hear his sentence for stealing a car and driving recklessly.

My rough drawing. Compared with the finished painting you can see I made some changes, especially on the faces.
I followed all the usual procedures on the creation of this illustration. Thumbnails, rough preparatory drawing, transferred pencil onto watercolour paper, sepia underpainting, watercolour work and finally gouache finishing touches. Nothing out of the ordinary. Therefore, in this post, I have chosen to highlight some of the details in the painting that are not immediately obvious, but I feel make a difference in how you read the image.

A spiky friendship
I've 'raised the bar'

Both my wife and myself make cameo appearances in this scene. I appear to have changed profession, and Suzanne now hangs out with hedgehogs.
I detest littering.
The discarded 'Times' newspaper headline reads MR TOAD ON TRIAL. Note the burnt out matches on the table used to light the table candles when the sun drops.

Vicky is not amused.
Queen Victoria is quite shocked at Toad's sentence (or is she showing disapproval?). Also the human and owl judge have their own painted portrait in the corner, just above peeling wallpaper.

Monday 14 May 2018

Website Update
Just a little message to say, have you checked out my website recently ( I've been updating the gallery pages and added a little 'shop' section on the three books I have illustrated so far.

Also, due to the new GDPR law, I am deleting all my newsletter subscribers. If you would like to be kept informed about my exhibitions, sales, discounts etc, please subscribe to my mailing list. Just click the link below and add your email address.

Wednesday 9 May 2018

A Video Of My 'Paisley Rabbit' Exhibition

For your viewing pleasure, a two minute walk around my exhibition at the Pound Arts Centre, complete with inane wittering.

Here are some photos too.
The show closes Saturday 9th June. Entry to the Pound is free, and you can also check out their packed program of events, theatre shows and gigs too.