Saturday 22 November 2008

The Phoenix And The Carpet

I've been meaning to put some work on my blog just as soon as I could get some original digitized - and then my laptop was stolen! Anyway I've got a new one thanks to my insurance cover so I can add this piece. 'The Phoenix And The Carpet' is a great children's book by Edith Nesbit. It's very much of its time but has some great visuals in it so I picked the book for a prospective cover. It looks as if I'm going to get some work out of it too!!

The past four months have been very eventful. I got an interesting job in August to do some pieces for a pop-up book on shakespeare and then in October I went on an art direction course for a month. Now I'm back I've got cracking on a picture book. I'd really like to put up some samples for that and the pop-up work so watch this space.