Monday 16 July 2012

Honeymoon Sketches Pt.3

My first attempt at watercolour pencils was part success, part failure. I found it difficult to achieve the correct colours, probably due to the limited colours I had at my disposal but I did enjoy the atmospherics on the distant mountains I could suggest with varied applications of ultramarine and violet.

The view is from half way up the Verbier mountainside looking down into the town and across in the direction of the mountain of Le Catogne. While I sketched a couple of American golfers were coaching each other on the course directly below where I sat. As they jabbered on about birdies and irons a helicopter kept flying up the valley dragging recently felled trees behind it. Also there were at least two lumber-jacks complete with chainsaws in full flow during my time sat drawing. Despite appearances this was not a peaceful scene.

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Carmen said...

Hi Chris,
I always enjoy seeing your work. It's good to experiment and see what works, what doesn't and what we can improve on. But it seems as those you had lots of company and was an action packed painting experience.
Take care,