Wednesday 12 June 2019

Two Paintings In One

Double Jeopardy
Every now and then I like to create two paintings on the same piece of paper. It saves time, paper and water because I soak my watercolour paper in a water tray before taping it to the board to dry and stretch. It may be a time saver, but working like has risks. I must be very careful to protect the half I am not working on from moisture and paint. Thankfully Scotch Magic Tape is brilliant for masking watercolour paper without overly-damaging the paper underneath. Fortunately the tape also adheres to the plastic sheet I use to mask larger areas, which means I can fix the sheet in place and seal all the edges so there is little chance of water encroaching onto the painting.

This message is not sponsored by Scotch Magic Tape, although I wouldn't mind if it was (they could pay in rolls of tape).

Here are the finished 'The Wind In The Willows' illustrations:
'Walking Through The Village'watercolour and gouache
24 x 31cm
'Heard The News?'
watercolour and gouache
24 x 31cm


Tammie Lee said...

Pinterest sent me an email suggesting that I would like your art. They were right!
I look forward to strolling through your blog. Nice to know about this tape, thank you for sharing that.

Your are is magical with beautiful light. Amazing that you do this with watercolor. Such a joy to see the few pieces I have just seen.

Chris Dunn said...

Thank you Tammie Lee, and thanks to Pinterest!


I really admire the illustrations you've created. They're unique, expresses personality, and have individuality.

Darlene Goodwin said...

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