Saturday 23 December 2017

Christmas 2017

A surprise Christmas party for Paisley's little brother.
Merry Christmas everybody!!

Here's a festive illustration from 'Paisley Rabbit and the Treehouse Contest' which is due for release in March 2018. You can see lots more images from the story on my website, and you can now pre-order the book from all international variants of amazon. For example:

Paisley Rabbit and the Treehouse Contest at,, or how about Canada, Russia, Spain... you get the picture!


Len said...

Merry Christmas!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Merry Christmas Chris!

Your illustration just fills my heart with happiness! I love your work. You are such an inspiration.

Chris Dunn said...

Thank you Len and Penny, I hope you both had a lovely Christmas. Wishing you both a happy New Year!