Tuesday 6 October 2015

'Warming Up' Finished

Warming Up
Watercolour & Gouache
51 x 39cm
After a break from painting to work on other jobs, I have finally finished Mr Badger's kitchen. I'm very pleased with the final result but it does feel like I took longer on it than I should have. A possible reason for the drawn out painting process could be I decided to have red and black tiles, and a complicated Persian rug on the kitchen floor.

Below you can see a few photos I took as I painted. Sorry about the blurry shots, what can I say, having a wild badger model in your studio while painting can make your hand shake.

The beginnings of my rough drawing, getting the basic layout and positioning of the characters.
The finished rough - notice how I have changed the perspective, especially the fireplace horizontals. I realised I had to use two point perspective to create realistic diagonal kitchen tiles and so the two vanishing points positively affected the rest of the composition.
Once the under-painting was completed I then blocked in colour with a medium sized round brush.
I had nearly finished at this stage, I just needed to fully render the wash bucket, fireplace, food stocks and rug.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Chris,
I am always in awe of your amazing work... I love this piece.

Chris Dunn said...

Thanks Penny!