Wednesday 15 July 2015

School Playground WIP

No painting today as I am preparing for my upcoming illustration workshop at Marlborough College Summer School. However here are a couple of photos of the painting so far.
The drawing has been transferred and cleaned up with a 2H pencil.

Here the sky and trees well on their way and I've just started to block in the school and playground.


24 Corners said...

Hello Chris, your work is incredible, and it's so fascinating to see your process, thank you for sharing it. I'm teaching two children's summer art camps in the coming weeks called Animal Kingdom, we're going the 'royal' route, and your delightful animals have been such an inspiration for it, so thank you for that as well, I know the children will be thrilled to dress up they're creations and have them have them all gadding-about their 'kingdoms'.
All the best,

Chris Dunn said...

Thanks Jessica, I hope the summer art camps go well :)