Wednesday 18 February 2015

Answering The Call...

I've been working up a few sketches for my next batch of paintings. Here's one of them that has been given the go-ahead.
Now you know what an old Dennis fire engine would look like on a rally course


Unknown said...

Your work is awesome. What do you do for references when you draw? Do you make models of things, or use bits and pieces from several different photos. I'm really impressed with how you create the lighting so effectively, too. Is there a special way that you do that?

Chris Dunn said...

Thanks Katherine! I use photographs either my own or taken from books and the web. I make sure to take a little bit from each piece of reference so it's never a straight copy. I would like to use models but it's very time consuming and my model making abilities are pretty poor.

The lighting is made up, I didn't have any reference for the headlights so I just tried to thing logically about the plains facing to and away from the light source. James Gurney's 'Imaginatice Realism' has really helped me with this aspect of creating convincing 3D forms.

In terms of technique I have used a 2B and 5B pencil, a putty rubber - to keep the light beams bright, and a blending stump. The stump helps to speed up my shading and creates nice flat greys which help to make the light areas look even lighter.