Saturday 14 April 2012

'Cracked Matador' Receives Young Artist Prize At Bath Artists Society 2012

I'm sorry if you're getting a bit fed up of seeing this painting. Hopefully this will be the last post about 'Cracked Matador' for a while.

I'm very pleased to tell you that my painting won the Young Artist Prize at this years Bath Artists Society Open Exhibition. I actually shared the prize with a young sculptor named Max Brigden.

The stand out artist for me this year not surprisingly the winner of the watercolour prize. Peter Kellow's dense wood scenes (as in a very small forest) possessed a wonderful atmosphere. The technique was such that at first glance the small paintings seemed overly detailed (much like my work) but on closer inspection the leaves and branches were more impressionistic. Another I had to doff my cap to Peter was how well he handled the varied greens. They looked rich and damp, I could almost smell the moss and decaying undergrowth.

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