Monday 12 December 2011

Editorial Illustration for 'Britains Most Admired Companies' Pt 2

Below you can see the finished illustrations. I was very pleased with the end result and once again the concentrated watercolour inks played a significant role in Tony Pidgley's suit. I was able to lay down the tones in his jacket without overly worrying about maintaining soft edges because I knew the second layer of inks would blend the folds and creases together nicely. The pinstripes and highlights were then suggested with pencil crayon.

Tony Pidgley Portrait for Management Today Magazine

'Most Admired British Companies' cityscape for 
Management Today Magazine

The illustrations seemed to print quite dark in the magazine and I'm not too sure why. Next time I'll have to lighten everything a tad in Photoshop.

For more about the process involved to create these illustrations view my previous post here