Monday 30 May 2011

'Cracked Matador' Revisited

I wasn't pleased with the jpeg in my previous post. The colours were too desaturated for my liking so I've decided to re-post my 'Cracked Matador' painting and give you a bit more information on the process I went through in making it.

Penny's kind comment comparing me to Norman Rockwell was VERY flattering and wholly  undeserved! If I could have as much talent as Rockwell had in his little finger I would be a very happy man. However Penny must be physic because placed next to me during the whole time I painted 'Cracked Matador' was this image:

 April Fools - Girl With Shopkeeper by Norman Rockwell 1948

It's embarrassing placing my painting next to this amazing Saturday Evening Post cover but I thought it might be of interest. I used 'April Fools' mainly as a colour choices guide but I also incorporated a similar tiled floor and velvet curtain to that in Rockwell's painting. The lighting setup was also influenced by Rockwell. I loved the cold daylight from the left window which created depth in comparison to the warm top light which helped illuminate detail. I tried to suggest these two light sources just out of view in 'Cracked Matador' but still giving the same effect overall.

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Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Norman would be very pleased with your work, this I am sure... and very honored.
Have a great day