Tuesday 12 April 2011

Jacques' Rest

Well I came back from York to find that the studio elves must have gone on a short holiday too. The painting was in the same state as I left it but at least there were no cat prints on it! I got the paints out and got stuck in until I finished this morning.

There are aspects that have turned out better than expected in 'Jacques' Rest'. For instance depth of colour I achieved in the bottles using gouache to an opaque consistency and the overall colour harmony by using just yellow ochre, ultramarine, cadmium red pale hue and sepia. Unfortunately the jpeg sample looks a bit washed out in comparison to the original so my favourite parts have been diminished - typical (roll eyes).

On the other hand I could completely take my artwork apart in a critique, so to keep it short I've learned more about applying gouache over watercolour and I'll be on the lookout for problems in my detailed drawing before starting on the colour.

I don't want to sound negative because I actually like it - for now ;-)


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I feel like I have entered a magical world.. Beautiful work. Your detail is amazing.

Chris Dunn said...

Thank you Penny, you are far too kind!

Super Villain said...

this is awesome, the mood is fantastic, very warm and inviting

Chris Dunn said...

Thanks Super Villain :-)

Leigh said...

A friend directed me to your charming homage through Facebook just yesterday. It was cold and wet here in Austin, I was feeling poorly - and here was warmth, comfort, peace.

I am hoping a print is available - it would be such a nice treasure for my grandchildren.

Chris Dunn said...

Hello Leigh

Thank you for your nice comment, I'm glad my painting made you feel a bit better.

I have a print available in my etsy shop, here's the link.


Moa Sweden said...

I absolutely love this painting!! And I just visited your easy page and fell in love with the tudor lion as well. Your work is brilliant!

Jean-Michel Pollyn said...


I love tour work. C'est doux comme un souvenir d'enfant.
Thank's a lot.

from Paris