Tuesday 22 September 2009

Finally Finished 'Michael's Room.'

20" x 15"

A while back I posted a work in progress which was a pencil line drawing with acrylic wash. The idea being the acrylic would act as an under-painting as I applied reasonably heavy watercolour washes. With previous paintings my initial pencil work has disappeared when wet so the acrylic was there to hold the figures together and it worked! After the watercolour I then worked up the shadows and highlights with gouache.

I wonder if Michael's little sister managed to get Dolly's head back? (You don't ask that question everyday)


James said...

That is awesome! I love the Dracula! Chris Dunn is some kind of master!

Chris Dunn said...

Cheers James! Hope you're good and keeping busy!?


The conceptual thinking behind "Michael's Room" is beyond incredible.

Every single person with a younger sibling can relate to that. Bravo!

Chris Dunn said...

Thanks Leon!