Monday 17 September 2018

The Raven WIP

Sometimes I like to paint two paintings on the same piece of paper. Is it because I enjoy the jeopardy or am I frugal? You decide.

Both of these illustrations are for a small series of Grimm's Fairytales that I am producing. 'The Cat and Mouse in Partnership' on the left, and 'The Raven' on the right.

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Art By LaRoque said...

I guess that Artists just do a lot of stuff like that. everything is spontaneous. For example, I start with drawing a simple line on a piece of ordinary napkin. Suddenly I am producing a "masterpiece", and wished I had done it on the appropriate paper, so amazing the final product is. In my opinion, it is not us, it is a "force" moving us and we suddenly leave our reality to another one by allowing ourselves to be carried away, and just do it...