Wednesday 9 February 2011

Humpty Dumpty Euro final artwork

Here is the final coloured artwork that was worked up from the roughs in my previous post. I was up against it during the whole process for these three illustrations, so there are a few things (albeit small things) in each illos that scream 'YOU COULD HAVE DONE BETTER!' but on the plus side at least I can paint a nice brick wall under pressure.

The main illustration at the top was the last thing I worked on - save the best till last and all that. I decided early on, before adding watercolour, to brush in a burnt sienna acrylic underpainting to give the background a warm haze that would react well with ultramarine washes in the shadows. This technique is something I have been developing and hoping to incorporate more into further work. For the reflected light on the windows I used a pale mixture of cerulean and titanium white gouache.


Leighton Johns said...

Saw this in the magazine last week and thought it looked great. For a minute there I was convinced it was by Peter de Seve! You should be proud of that brick wall too.

Chris Dunn said...

Haha! Thanks Leighton, if only I could do character work as good as Peter de Seve I'd be sitting pretty :-)