Tuesday 25 January 2011

Time-saving and/or multi-tasking

Often I find myself (as do most people with other jobs, kids and responsibilities) working on sketches whenever possible. This could mean while you wait for the bus or are sat on the train, in a pub or just simply waiting for the washing machine to finish. I haven't quite got to the point of leaving a sketchbook by the toilet but I keep one in my faithful rucksack so it's always handy.

A case in point would these roughs I worked up stood at the counter of an art shop. I wasn't a customer waiting patiently in line, instead I was on the other side taking advantage of a lull in people buying peel off stickers. Without the time to do a million and one thumbnails I stuck with my first idea which is more often than not the better.

Stay tuned for the final artwork in the next edition of 'Don't tell the boss I draw during work time!'

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