Tuesday 14 July 2009

Bingley Secrets Finished!

That's right folks, the exhibition you've all been waiting for, you thought it would never happen... blah, blah, blah.

Can't believe I actually made the last few brush marks on my mini series today! Boy, did I have a celebratory cup of tea! I decided to post nearly all the remaining paintings so those of you who can't make it (ahem...) will still be able to see most of my work. Oh and I'll put the poems up too, in fact here's one for 'The Bride In The River.'

The Bride In The River

‘Did you hear about Steve?’
‘No, why, what’s he doing?’
‘He’s stayed off work, on leave.’
‘Oh right, where’s he going?’
‘He’s on his honeymoon.’
‘What, he got married!?’
‘Yes, it’s a bit too soon’
‘hmmm, does sound hurried.’
‘He met her on the Aire’
‘Ha! Was he canoeing?’
‘No, twiddling his hair,
sat on the bank fishing.’
He felt a tug on the line
And started to reel in,
then in absolutely no time
he was planning a wedding!’

Apologies for lengthy silence after my last blog - I moved house, in fact I moved counties so I've been a bit preoccupied. Anyway you should note an improvement in the regularity of my updates because I now have access to the internet in the evenings.

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