Tuesday 13 August 2013

My most recent and best purchase...

is this stunning watercolour by top class illustrator Sam Weber.

This is the character Zoey from the cover of 'Fair Coin', a young adult novel by E.C. Myers. You can see how she appears on the book jacket here.

I always thought one day I would like to own a Sam Weber original, maybe a sketch that I could afford when I've started to collect my pension - if I was lucky. Now I have an original, for a superb price, direct from the artist and I still have my own teeth!

Mr Weber still has some work up for grabs on his website if you are interested.


E.C. Myers said...

That's awesome -- congratulations! Good thing you saw that for sale before I did :)

Chris Dunn said...

I have it hung in my studio to inspire every day.

I bet Sam Weber will put the other two of your character's portraits up for sale soon.