Saturday 18 August 2012

The Bath Prize 2012

Already it's that time of year again, I can't believe it's close to a year since my success in the Bath Prize competition. For those of you who missed the call for entries there is still time to sign up and get your personal location to paint. For more information click here, the deadline is the 16th of September.

As for me I shall of course be entering. My assigned location is North Parade Bridge which is the next bridge down river from Pulteney Bridge. North Parade Bridge might not be as picturesque but the potential to create a striking composition by using it's large river spanning arch is clear. I visited the bridge with my camera one Sunday morning and managed to take same interesting shots. I particularly like the water reflections on the underside of the bridge and the resulting shadow being cast on the river and down the far bank-side.

Even though all I have managed so far is a thumbnail (above) I'm confident I can produce a watercolour that has lots of nice contrasts and a strong composition. I'm also planning to include something flying under the bridge and a few other slightly hidden creatures.

For those of you who would like to sample what the Bath Prize previous winners have to offer, get yourselves to the opening of the 'Best Of Bath Prize' exhibition in the Stall Street gallery in Bath. There is also an evening event in the gallery on Friday 24th, unfortunately I cannot be there.

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lyndsey said...

Hi Chris,
Any chance you can post a photo of the Best of Bath Prize Gallery? I would love to see it and can't get there until handing in week. Apparently I have four paintings up!