Tuesday 24 July 2012

Honeymoon Sketches Pt.5

For the last two nights in Switzerland, Suzanne and I stayed in Geneva. We spent many hours strolling around the city soaking up the relaxed atmosphere and enjoying the warm weather. Our favourite haunt was the old town of Geneva which is typically European in that the buildings are on top of each other with lots of medieval alleyways, nooks and crannies. Nestled in the middle of old town is the Saint-Pierre Cathedral which I believe was built on Roman foundations.

Below left you can see a sketch I did sat on a bench looking across to the classical facade of the Saint-Pierre entrance. The light was constantly changing and tourists like myself were sprawling all over the steps but I didn't include them in the drawing.

To the right are two very quick sketches done as we sat on the Lake Geneva cruise boat waiting for it to cast off. The spire of Saint-Pierre dominated the view and was nicely framed by the mountains behind.

That's the last of my honeymoon sketches, I hope you enjoyed them!

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