Sunday 11 March 2012

Bath Arts Society Open Exhibition

The deadline may be the 26th of March* and even though I'm juggling lots of projects at the moment I'm going to try my hardest to be outside the Bath Gallery holding a finished watercolour to enter. Below you can see the stage I'm at now. I gridded up a photo montage composition and painstakingly drew every single Georgian window I could see, at the same time trying to be true to perspective.

The view is looking down Lansdown Road which leads right into the heart of Bath. As you can see it's rather steep which really added to the enjoyment of chasing around with my camera trying to find a nice composition.


More progress shots on their way soon.

*Addendum on 23/03/12 - I have just spotted the handing-in deadline is the 24th of March. Unfortunately this means I will not complete the Lansdown Road painting in time so it looks like I'll have to delve into my back catalogue.

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