Monday 16 January 2012

Levi Art Order Challenge Pt 2

Above you can see some recent studies I sketched for the Levi Challenge over at ArtOrder. Both sketches I fleshed out using an incredibly useful figure drawing book and no photo reference. 'What is this book?' I hear you cry. It's 'Figure Drawing For All It's Worth' by Andrew Loomis. Originally published in the U.S 1946 and aimed at commercial artists who wanted to draw the figure quickly and convincingly with little or no reference. The book was a huge success and seems to have been devoured by just about every representational illustrator and comic artist working in the U.S today. I've noted lots of references online over the years by artists quoting the 'Loomis way' and calling for his instructional books to be re-printed. Titan Books have listened to these requests and acted on them. All I can say is I wish it was printed while I was still in University.

The above studies have helped me to establish the correct perspective and horizon line (just above the knee) I am going to use in the final pencil work for the Levi Challenge. I'm hoping to have the sketch finished before Friday.

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