Wednesday 17 August 2011

My Bath Art Prize Entry has been... err entered

Magpie In George Street
48 x 75 cm
I finally completed this vast painting yesterday afternoon. It was so big I had to work in sections which can be difficult when you want to maintain consistent values through out a picture. The magpies were relatively quick to paint but the windows were challenging (no surprises there) however the part I am most pleased about is the sky. I've always found it hard to create soft almost plump clouds in watercolour but I now feel I'm getting somewhere with my 'cloud technique' which will hopefully develop further.
In my next project I'm not going to be concentrating on white puffy clouds but rather what they produce. Now there's a cliff-hanger and no mistake!!


Making A Mark said...

I like this! Well done

Chris Dunn said...

Thanks Katherine :-)

mandy thomas said...

chris, i spotted this last you've got it in the bag.i am entering too.wish you loads of luck and probs see you soon. congrats on the london thing too.not sure you know but our gallery is being moved next week. mandy thomas

Chris Dunn said...

Hi Mandy how are you? Thanks for the comments. Yep I heard about the move - such a shame to be moved out of the Brunel.